Monday, April 30, 2007

Rollerskate testing day and warm-up races...

Last Thursday I went to a rollerskate testing day. I tried the Rollerblade "Marathon carbon" (equipped with 100 mm wheels) and I must say that I'm seriously considering changing my skates for Gigathlon, even if it's a huge investment... They are very comfortable, totally adapted to my feet, without forgetting the amazing feeling that I was "riveted" to the road. Also, as this model is half way between the "fitness" model (that I have) and "speed" one, I will also have to work on my technique, in order to be able to benefit from the skates’ full potential.

Regarding my training, it is pretty promising, although I'm speaking now of running (a discipline that I consider to be the base of every stamina sport). I'm already half way through the "
Tour du Chablais" race and quite happy with my results (3 more stages remain to go). Furthermore, a similar time done last Saturday at "20 km de Lausanne" (10 km distance) comforts me in the idea that my winter training was well done. And even if I beat my personal best, I'm now deeply convinced that I still have a very interesting margin of progress. As I'm improving race after race, I can only be better with time... That bodes well for Gigathlon !

See you !

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