Tuesday, June 19, 2007

IDEA League Sports Event

Just back from London, I will try to give you an expression of this extraordinary event.
We left Kloten 11 a.m Wednesday morning heading to London to represent ETH Zurich in a tournament against 4 other technical universities of Europe. We were 40 people plus staff members. Once we got to London City, we had to fight our way to South Kensington with all our luggage (my suitcase broke apart...). Finally we were welcomed very warmly by the people of Imperial College London. Besides Zurich and London, Delft from Holland and Aachen from Germany were there too, unfortunately Paris Tech didn't make it there. We slept in a gym hall (and I was really missing my soft bed...).
Wednesday afternoon the tournament started with Taekwondo, which was very interesting to watch but kind of brutal…
Thursday morning was the Fitness Challenge in which I was participating. We (10 people) had to complete a relay where everyone had to run 800m, cycle 3km, row 1km and together we had to swim 3km. We got only fourth... (But I have to add that we were 7 girls and 3 boys compared to the other teams with 5 and more boys. That makes a big difference I think. =)) In the afternoon there was Fencing and Badminton on the programme. In the evening we had a noble dinner followed by the award ceremony.
The next day we went sightseeing by absolving some kind of relay called the London Challenge. (Places you had to visit and get back as quickly as possible to win.) Most people then left London to go back home, but some -like me- stayed for the Centenary Ball of Imperial College Saturday evening.
We were given a Dojo room now, which was a lot more comfortable than the gym hall. We spent a lot of time walking amazed through London with its multicultural places and all. We also went to some markets where I really didn't think I was in London anymore. But -just so you know- we didn't find any time to really go shopping. The Ball Saturday night was really fun although it wasn't as big as I thought it would be. (Polyball is bigger.) I also have to mention that British guys drink a lot more than Swiss...
All in all it was a great event I wouldn't want to have missed! Even though Sports was only one part of it, it was sure worth it!

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